Sunday, July 31, 2011

All Moved In

Whew!  In just a few days (with help from some college friends and my Mom) my room transformed from just a space into my space.  Its not complete yet but it is so nice to have my creature comforts!  I am so glad to have friends and family so dedicated to helping me out - this would have all been much more difficult without them and it surely wouldn't have turned out so nice.  I now struggle with the excitement of exploring the city versus staying inside and enjoying the quiet - the awesome part is that either option is only ever 30mins away!

My Mom just left this morning after coming to help me move in (and carting most of my belongings across NY state). I'd say she had a great NYC experience - crazy traffic on the way in, car got towed for parking too close to a hydrant, double-decker tour bus trip for 6 hours, grocery shopping, subway rides, a traffic jam, dinner in Chinatown, a beer at an Irish pub, a seaweed salad in a Japanese sushi restaurant, and a brief stroll into the M&M World building. Its funny but I already understand the expression "a New York minute" - you can get so much done in almost no time - but so much happens in the same short timespan. 

I've filled out all my HR paperwork and start my new job tomorrow!  Soon I'll be used to the daily subway commute with its delays, construction, transfers, and locals.  I can't wait to walk around and feel like I'm a part of the city but it's difficult to believe that I may one day take for granted the beauty and magnificence of my new hometown.  My thoughts and feelings seem to just be all over the place!  There is so much stimulus and everything in my world is new, exciting, foreign, and intimidating.  This is one of those short-lived transition periods where you gain perspective from time to reflect on the past and look ahead to the future - those times when you are in-between major commitments and feel like you've come up to breathe the air, see how far you've traveled, and change your course if you choose.  I welcome these times because I feel that in the rat race of today's society (especially under the pressures of friends, family, and advisors) these are rare opportunities for you to check yourself and your path through life.

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