Sunday, August 14, 2011

Guaranteed Fun

There are always those friends in life that you can rely on no matter what.  The kinds that you can go months with no contact and then pick up exactly where you left off without missing a beat.  The friends who show up on a whim and, with no plans or preparation, turn a weekend into full-blown vacation.  The friends who are there for you before you ask for help.  The friends that are really more like family.

I had the pleasure of spending time with some of my close friends this weekend.  6 of them came to visit me in my new apartment this past weekend.  I appear war-torn, battered, and bleary-eyed but I wouldn't trade in the experience for the world.  In 2 days we've collectively visited all 5 boroughs of the city (some on accident), tested the durability of my new furniture (so far, so good), drank everything from single malt scotch whiskey to the cheapest beer we could find, smoked imported cigars, toured bars and a beer garden, ate meals from all corners of the earth (after raiding all the food in my fridge), caught up on life stories, walked the equivalent of a half-marathon,  and basically escaped reality for 48 hours!  ....And we are already trying to plan a next time!

When you are with those friends you lose all sense of time and concern - nothing matters and you enter into the realm of pure enjoyment and entertainment.  They can make a foreign place feel like home and can turn a mundane trip to grab a gallon of milk into a nonsensical, sidesplitting adventure.  They can call you mid-blog post and keep you on the phone for half an hour .  They can make you feel secure, confident, and loved.  I am so thankful to have friends like this and I hope my value for them is never underestimated.

We encounter so many people on our journey through life.  The paths and twists and turns (expected and unexpected) can take you to places you never dreamed of experiencing.  Its the familiar faces and the warm smiles that can turn nearly any environment into a comfortable one.  A book I'm reading written by a retired professor states simply that life is mostly about making memories.  Make those visits and trips with your friends worth remembering!

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